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Hello all. This weekend i received a call from my ex, we keep in contact with one another. She called my house phone and spoke to my mother because i wasn't there, and my parents were here for the weekend. She must've hung up after speaking to my mom and immediately called me on my cell (and tells me not to tell my mother that she called the cell phone). Now she's the type to try to make me jealous or suspicious of the things she does, but i'm not the type to get that way. It so happened however that when she called I was in my moms car with another female that i know she heard in the background. It bothered me to let her hear the other girl, but that was get back for the times when she would blatantly try to put the idea in my mind that she is with someone else. I can't feel too bad because she called me and i'm not gonna be rude with someone i was already with. I told her i would call her back and when i did she quickly told me that she was out and i haven't heard from her. i dont know if she is mad, maybe she did have to go quickly, but i think i know this person. we live in the same state and i have not seen this girl in months. after this incident im starting to get the idea that she doesn't wanna see me, but at the same time doesn't want anyone else to see me as well! What is going on and what could she be thinking!

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Listen this ur ex so if I was u I really would`nt worry about what she thinks, is trying to do. Just move on. I have learnt from my own experiences (I have had loads of disasterous relationships and thereforeeee loads of ex's) that the best thing to do is either break all contact with ex's or stay VERY distant friends, which means being nice to them when u happen to c them. Phoning, e-mailing etc ur ex is just not right it mucks around with ur emotions. What I mean that it does`nt let you break free and start afresh. So forget about her she's not part fo your life anymore and find someone that will be and dont feel guilty when you do! Hope I`m not being to harsh. Good luck

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