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hey ,


i have come to a point where i dont even feel anything even if i saw my gf kiss another guy... she's always making me jealous and her reason would be 'i didnt know'. i cant be always heart broken(even when she apologises later)im sick of it , instead i want her to stop making me jealous.... i dont understand why is she doing this to me. any advice anyone?

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Sounds like a relationship i was in for a long time (8 feckin years). At first she was always making me jealous, in the end, just like you I felt nothing, my love for her went out the window, and no matter what she did I never felt anything.


Suffice to say we broke up, sadly not soon enough, we wasted a lot of years sticking with it for no real reason. My advice if you aint feeling nothing you gotta get out, dont waste time, my life now is great, I have a girl I do have feelings for (woohoo) and if I knew things could be this good I would have ended my last relationship a lot earlier!


Bail out fella, and get the feeling back!

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