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So finally I was ready to be friends with my ex. You guys may not think that, but i have definitely realized we arnt for eachother. Of course i care about her a lot, she was my first love, thats why i asked her to remain friends.


As soon as i gve that proposal she went mad, told me to stop talking to her she starting over reacting beyond imagination. She ignored me COMPLETELY, almost like a game. And to me this is just another step i have to overcome. It definitely doesnt hurt as much as i thought it would. But its sad knowing everything i ever gave her was just a joke. And she blatently shows that. Ive tried multiple times to just get her to communicate with me about her decision. she is a horrible communicator and never expressed feelings, thats why it took me so long to get over her. And now she wont express why she doesnt want to be my friend.


My question is.. is it too late to take back the stuff i made, and bought her? like the comforter i made at my family curtain factory, the stuffed animal i made for her at that stupid bear shop, and the 400$ necklace i gave her. Its been 10 months since the break. and it makes me sick to know she is acting like this, its rediculous and absolutely cruel. Keep in mind i never did anything wrong to this girl but love her too much. She always been this way towards me, and finally i realised shes just a horrible person.


so about the stuff.. what should i do? i dont want her having anythin that i truly gave her with my heart, because i dont want any of my love in her presense.

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I would never ask for a gift back. It aint right.


Plus it will give you pain everytime you look at it. Just learn what things are too sentimental to you to give as a gift to another. It is material stuff, and won't change the feelings. Plus you made a choice to love her and always care about her. So reposessing gifts is not healthy.

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she doesnt even know it was 400$.. i got it because it was real pretty and i wanted her to know i cared a lot about her. and no im not rich, im only 19


There's a funny side to this! She probably does know how much it costs. My wife checks catalogues to find out how much money people spent on our presents.

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