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men would never know...

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hmm well all women are different i guess...but personally the i dont think anything feels better than to be loved. Money doesn't do it for me but being loved means that you can be happy. Thats not to say that its always smooth sailing, but if somebody loves you they do their best to make sure your always smiling content....what more can you ask for?

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Women want different things. YES SOME want money,some want a good looking guy, and some ACTUALLY want a man for what he can offer mentally and emotionally.


Johnny i respect your opinion but i think you generalise too much. Not EVERY pretty girl is the bitch that you make them out to be. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and nothing more.What one person finds attractive isnt necessairly what another does so i think that generalisations like that are very shallow.


Basically you just have to have what that woman wants.You cant help who you fall in love with and why.There are more people that will take you for a ride in this world than not,but you have to experiance a few *beeps* to know who is genuine and who isnt.

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so ur sayin if u saw a girl that wasnt that hot but she had a great personality u'd not go out with her/him?......... Yep well I've done this before butterfly babe, I've dated people I wasn't physically attracted too but they had a good personality, and nothing EVER came of these relationships because I could not get intimate with these women. Physical attraction is very important.


Buffalosoldier>"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and nothing more." Yeah right but how many guys look at the women in a cleo of playboy mag and say "jeez she's a real dog..." not many I imagine. Beauty in the eye of the beholder is the biggest pile of stinking cow dung that there is. The majority of women who are beautiful know it because 10 guys a day hit on them and they become snobs and very picky of who they pick. I know a few myself. Of course there are VERY FEW beautiful women who are nice to everyone and that's all I ask for.

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Thanks for that. All im saying is that i dont think its correct to assume that all women are this way. I am considered pretty by my boyfriend,but do i have 10 guys a day asking me out?no,only get jerks that are only after one thing,so you see it works both ways.What i am saying is just coz you have good looks doesnt super glue your chances with anyone,if anything it makes some people more prone to getting hurt.


I think everyone should be picky to some degree,why not? you deserve the best no matter what you look like so why settle for something or someone that doesnt make you happy?

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You didn't understand what i said..."beauty is in the eye of the beholder" your quote... my quote "attraction is in the eye of the beholder"...for ex i think is beautiful others might not...vice...you mention playboy...yeah I think Pamela Anderson is attractive... but i'm not attracted to her... others may think other wise...I think other women look more beautiful than her...but is she pretty yes...it's not the neg or pos...it's not the *I think you're fine or not*...it's the degree of attraction i'm more concerned with...understand

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Ok.Well il give you a few of the things that I Personally like in a man,as i think you want some content here


1)i dont like egotistical men that put women down.


2)emotionally generous,affectionate


3)A good listener


4)Intelligence,in any form




and finally...i want them to love me!! and yes..whether i find them attractive or not counts to a certain degree..but i have not put it on my list because i cannot specify what i like looks-wise in a man..the chemistry is either there or its not.


Hope i helped!!




P.S Thanks haunted_butterfly_babe

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this is childish.

the better u look, the more chance u have with any girl. personality is important, becuase it keeps a relationship going, and helps us realise whether they are the kind of person we wanna share our lives with.


unfortunately, its all about looks and confidence when trying to get a girl. u cant and wont walk down a street looking at people saying shes/hes got a nice personality, ill go out with him/her'. thats rare. guys always get attratced by looks first. and i cant see why it wudnt b the same for women. so yea, johnny_has is right, if u wanna give ur self more of a chance, then u gotta go gym, and look better with both looks and confidence/self esteem. only then when ur with the girl will the personality kick in.


johnny_has, my ex was HOT. some times i cant believe i even got a chance to go out with her. 8) im not the hottest guy in the world, but i let my personality shine when i was around her, and she fell for me. she had a list of 'hot' guys (the ones who usually get the girls) that asked her out. and u kno wat? she rejected all of them, and waited 4 months to get a chance with me. i was her first as well. she was stunning, but she chose carefully who she wanted to go out with and wasnt influenced by looks at all. the majority do look at looks, but there are the few that dont. maybe uv been looking in the wrong croud, or maybe it just aint appeared to u yet.


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