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Weight lifting advice


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my favorite subject.


Are you wanting serious weight lifting?


I usually get up around 5:30 every morning lift for about an hour and a quarter then in then afternoon for about 1 1/2 - 2 hours

But thats because I play Football and Baseball


I'm not so sure about you, maybe go to a weight center like those 24 hour fitness places and Lifetime.


Shoot of course you can work out twice a day. there are many things that you can do without weights. push ups and all the ab workouts. You can go out and run sprints or endurence.


post back with what you want worked more, like arms legs so fourth

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i used to work out twice a day. i was body building for like 3 months. i gave up cause the dieting and the dedication was too much for me. now i just work out everyday. 5-6 times a week. i keep maintaining my size with gains every month. you are okay to work out twice a day, just don't overdue it. get a good burn, take at least 5-6 hours off and hit that muscle group again. 75% as hard as you did earlier in the day. you will put on some size quick. eat everything in sight. if you are trying to gain weight, eat tons of calories and carbs. if you are trying to get big and get cut, eat protein and lean meals with less calories. you will need to join a gym. those 15s are only gonna take you so far which won't be much.

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I had several boyfriends who were into weightlifting and I think what they advise is to let each body part, REST, between workouts.. So.. for instance, if you worked out your arms on Tuesday, let your arms get a break on Wednesdays and work out LEGS instead.. Your body needs time to not only rest, but it takes time to build up muscle too.

Or do weights, say on Mondays, and cardio-vascular workouts on Tuesdays, that type of thing. Good luck..

I am really needing to get back in shape too.

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join a gym, so you will have more weights to choose from. and please schedule an appointment with a personal trainer, so they can show you proper form, and help you come up with a plan based on your goals. you can hurt yourself if you aren't doing things right. plus people look silly when they are lifting weights and they don't know what they are doing.


if you are at home or traveling, resistance bands are great because they take up so little space, and you can adjust the tension on them easily, just by the way you step on them and position them.


but definitely, join a gym, 15 lbs isn't going to work for you for very long.

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Action Jackson, are there any good websites to learn the proper moves to do like free weights... like the 10 lb or 15 lb dumbbells..


I found a site for women lifting, I don't think it includes dumbells but is can be of use.

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I found another but there are no women examples, however you can do them with you own weights. I'd say try to do 10 reps with the 10 lbs dumbell before you try others. If you cant do 10 reps do 5 reps. if they are easy use the 15. All the lifts are good for you. And there are alot of different excersises.

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Message me with ur results if you need more help

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Thnx for your replies guys. I'm kinda of a chubby guy and want to turn that fat into muscle so today I am going to pick up a 33 lb weights today from the store because the weights I use at the moment are just defining my muscles a lot and they just don't feel that heavy anymore. I do 30 lifts and 3 reps of each exercise I do.

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Things to think about.... when you do weights, you want to give your body time between workouts to heal your muscles. that typically means working out on alternating days. talk to a trainer. really, good form is important, you don't want to hurt yourself. i used to go to a trainer, and i can't tell you how many times i would go to the gym and snicker to myself, watching guys acting like they are 'the man', lifting weights, and clearly having no idea what they are doing.


if you want to trim down, do cardio in addition, not just weights. next, watch what you are eating very carefully. aim to get at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day, 2 servings of low-fat milk products, and get some whole-grain products, like bread or pasta. focus on lean meats, and little red meat or processed meats.


next, identify what got you chubby in the first place. are you an emotional eater? just didn't work out? did you feel depressed? identify what it was before that made you overeat so that the next time that urge strikes, you can identify it, and do something heealthier, like go for a walk.


good luck

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