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Dreamed of sex with my male friend


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Last night I had a dream that I was having sex with one of my male friends, which is also friends with my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend and don't have any desire to cheat, and my boyfriend stayed over last night which made it even more weird.


In the dream, my friend was on top of me having sex with me, with my left leg in the air. We were in MY same house in real life, but in the living room on my couch. In my dream I was telling my friend while we were having sex, that my boyfriend was in the back room and we need to stop. But we kept going and my boyfriend came out of the back and saw my friend hop off of me and putting on his clothes. I was looking at my boyfriend really scared with the covers over my breasts. In my dream, in my head I was thinking he was about to punch me in the face. But he didn't.


I was crying. But my boyfriend wasn't mad though. In the dream, he said he still wanted to be with me. Then we got dressed and we were going somewhere I don't know where. My friend was driving a blue Expedition truck and my boyfriend was in the passenger seat and I was in the back seat.


Next thing I know I woke-up because my alarm went off. It was 6:45a.m. Time to get up for work. But I found my self soak and wet down there from the dream. I mean leaking down the legs and everything.


Has anyone experienced this?

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Co-incidentally, I've had a couple of dreams where I've had sex with my male friend (the same male friend in each dream).


What's strange is that the following day at work, he looks angry/upset and doesn't make eye contact with me!


So, I don't know if he's having a bad day or if he had the same dream and didn't like it!


Still, it's quite unnerving his reaction being the same the very day after I've had that dream.

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Thanks for your reply.


What's strange is that the following day at work, he looks angry/upset and doesn't make eye contact with me!


Yes, the guy in my dream looks this way too, the day after.


I looked it up though, and it said something about if you are having dreams like this, then you may find the other person attractive. I think he is attractive, but not enough to have sex with the guy. Harmless dreaming, that's all.


Thanks for your response.

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