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those friends


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Have you ever had a friend who you kinda thought would be your friend for life? Someone you never really questioned being around - they just were. The time you spent with them was 99% fun & good memories, then they just seem to be falling out of your life and you're not really sure why, and suddenly you wonder if you'll be considered their friend in 24hrs, never mind in years from now?


Oh well, it's officially the weekend here (5.40 in the UK - work's finally over) so that's always something, right?

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It's pretty easy sometimes to take those closest to us for granted. Those that always show up, are always there, always return a phonecall, always answer the email in short order.


And them sometimes, suddenly, they're gone. Life gets in the way. They may have started school, they have gotten a new job, or they may have started a new romance. But whatever happened, things are not the same and likely won't be again in the future.

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I had a friend like that and then it all fell apart when we were in our early 20's. We were very close friends since childhood and into college.


In my case it was a bit extreme- my friend turned into a completely different person. She turned to drugs and decided she wanted to tie up men and flog them, prostitute herself and then make porn movies as a career- so after that we really had nothing in common.


I still think about her often, and worry that one day I will get a call from her mom telling me she was found dead in an alley.


I'm sure your case is not that extreme, but it just shows that sometimes you really think you know a person and can't imagine not having them in your life, and then it all changes.

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Nah, it's not that extreme at all. It's just our relationship was a little dodgy for the last few days that she was here (she's in a different country now), and she left without saying goodbye. I was sorting out her mobile phone and cancelling it for her, which I haven't done as yet (yeah I know, I should have, it's been like 10 days, but with her leaving without saying goodbye, and work and all, I just didn't do it. It was always "i'll get that done tomorrow") and she got in touch tonight just to tell me that she thinks I'm a bad friend and all that stuff. It's a shame, cos we got on like crazy for about 5 years. Oh well. No point in crying over it, eh? Things happen.

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Yes that's happened to me. My ex best friend that I've known since I was 10 years old and I just recently severed our friendship a few months ago. He was like my brother and I just always thought of him being in my life.


Him and I had never been eye to eye on a lot of things; most importantly, our ideas about how we treat other people. He's selfish and so am I, but not nearly as much as him.


I started losing respect for him for the way he abuses his friendships and his SO's.


One day I found out about a big lie (about a girl) he'd told me years ago when I thought him and I were truly brothers. I realized that the friendship between him and I wasn't the friendship I had built up in my head so I cut him out of my life.


True to his form, he didn't even put up a fight. He made no attempt to reconcile our friendship and I'm glad. I was really hurt by him, but I got over it quick. I don't harbor any ill will or anger for him; I just don't want him in my life. I think the fact that I'm not angry speaks volumes about how much respect for him I lost.

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She thinks your a bad friend because you have not cancelled the phone yet?


Yeah, I guess it's a few other things too, but it's all a loooong story. I guess sometimes with her it's like you can't do anything good enough. I think she's fine with not talking to me much anymore, so I am too. It's pretty funny when you think about it, that a phone contract could cause so much hassle for nothing.

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well people change as they mature and grow up and want different things and hang around different people. i found this happening like every 3 to 5 years even with me. so i have lost some good friends from back then but i have always connected with new ones. thats how it goes i guess.

thankfully the best friend is still around and hopefully forever

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