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I miss my friends :(


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I feel like im losing my friends Whenever I get into a relationship, my friends and I tend to drift apart.. I mean they are always there for me when I need them, but I feel like we dont hang out as much because they think im always with my bf (which is not true nemore!). I've been with my bf for more than 2 years now.. and in the beginning of course, i was constantly with him cuz we were head over heels with each other. And now my best friend has found her own little group of girl friends that she connects with really well. They always go out clubbin and partying.. and she never really invites me nemore, probably cuz she thinks i cant go out cuz my bf use to be really possessive and controlling. But things between n my bf have gotten so much better and now when I want to go out, I dont really have friends to go out with. I mean i have my coworkers which is fun, but I feel like im losing my best friend. It just makes me a little depressed cuz i use to be able to call her all the time just to talk and gossip or wutevers, we pretty much did everything together.. but now we hardly ever talk or see each other. Does this ever happen to you guys when you get into a relationship?

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Yes it does.


You need to instigate things with her. YOU arange a night out. YOU make the effort to see her. YOU call her. YOU go over to her house.


It's hard but YOU must now make the effort to rekindle the friendship.


Goodluck, it's not as hard as it sounds. But YOU must be prepared to make the effort in the short term.

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My experience has been, that when I get into a relationship I start losing my friends. You start spending a lot of time in the beginning with your partner and slowly your friendship starts to fade. Then, you start wanting to hang out more with your friends but you realize that you don't click like you used to. And when you invite your partner to come with you, your friends will act different because they see you two as outsiders. It's really hard. I always have active friendships when I'm single. I still don't know how to maintain the same level of friendship with your friends when you're in a relationship just like you were when being single

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Yeah my best friend and her friends r all mostly single. And they are always out partyin n stuff and i just feel left out I guess. I feel its partly my fault cuz i have a bf.. but I have tried to make effort to hang out with her and ive told her before that we should hang out but it never happens. Plus she has her own group of friends who she connects with so well.. and i feel like i dont really have much in common with them. I just wish i could balance out having a bf as well as friends.. but its always one or the other. Oh i should probably note that she doesnt like my bf because me n him use to have a lot of dramas.. but we're workin things out and we're doin really good now. But idk if her hating my bf has to do with not hangin out with me as much. Bleh. I feel like im losing my best friend

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