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Seasonal Bipolar Disorder!


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Hi there,


Sharing info about seasonal biploar disorder


One fifth of the people with bipolar disorder find their symptoms increase and decrease with the seasons. According to experts, decline in energy level, mood and motivation occurs in November and the person returns to normal level in April.


Seasonal influences like temperature and light often affect our mood if we are in depression. This seasonal disorder is called seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which is a type of bipolar disorder, and is treatable with light therapy. It is difficult to look at the extent to which bipolar patients experience normal season mood variation.


If we become depressed during late fall and winter, we return to normal mood during spring and summer. In bipolar disorder, a seasonal pattern patient tends to have manic or hypomanic episodes during specific season of the year.



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I never thought about Bi-polars suffering more from SAD more than the normal population, it does make sense though.


I'm one of those who suffer's through SAD in the winter months. The Christmas spirit and holidays don't do much to brighten things up either. I've been thinking of heading off to a "tanning" bed for a few sessions just

for a boost in "light" therapy and hopefully it'll boost my emotional state.

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Bipolar Depression a highly but yet server depression. There is also bipolar Manic depression. What this type of depression is ........... is a chemical imbalance in the brain. It is also genetic ( meaning if your dad has it then you have a chance of getting it or whom ever has it rather it be a mom, dad, brother , or sister. ) Bipolar depression is only cured with medication well not really cure but it helps with the depression.

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