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Did I wait too long


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Ok I'll try to keep this short.


About 4-5 weeks ago I had gone to help my parents out with a Red Cross Gala. It's basically a formal dinner/dance thing for the Red Cross to help raise money. Well at this Gala, one of my mom's friends asked me if I would dance with a girl there who was only there with her parents and had nothing to do. So me being the gentlemen that I am, accepted.


We greeted each other and danced with each other for a very short time on the dance floor. Neither of us were really feeling the vibe since we were pretty young compared to everyone there (we're 23 and everyone else was 50+). After dancing we had a lot of really good conversation and we eventually parted ways and she gave me her number. When she gave me her number she basically was like, "yea we should definitely get together sometime...you know like your friends and mine...or even just you and me". She said she would call me sometime, but she never did. I was planning on calling her not that long after the Gala, but my ex started bugging me again and that whole plan kinda got pushed to the back burner. I sent out a mass text message on Thanksgiving to everyone's number I had (including that girls) that said, "Happy Thanksgiving everyone!". Sadly the only person that responded was my best friend. So I guess my questions are...Is it too late to try to maybe call her? Was she even serious about wanting to meet up sometime? and should I just call it a loss and just move on?


Most of my confusion comes from a thread I read here where girls apparently just give their numbers to guys at bars without really wanting to ever talk to them again.

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