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ok is this salvagable HELP !!!


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My fiance and I are in a LDR shes in usa me uk.

Ok it exploded due to all the illusions and fears that dont truly exist.

we are BOTH very VERY intense and arty but in person we have always been amazing. I have a flight booked in 3 weeks to go but its over Though no mention of cancel the flight ! Iwas going for 3 months so we could work on starting a future.

I pooped out and we've both been stupidly jealous, which we both no is not true. And we both challenged each other Love when we know full well we DO but distance has crippled us. We both admit it. Plus I panic alot and say things in haste


OK I got this !!! ( a FEW lines)

You must be blind to not see how much I have given. And you have only promised what you will give and are still doing it now. It's always "tomorrow" or "next week," isn't it? You want to talk about commitment? I was committed to you 110% before you ever opened your eyes. Hence, why I'm the one that got on a plane to come to you.


don't want anyone else, nor have I, nor will I. You cannot comprehend that kind of Love and you obviously never will, but

I am done trying to convince you. It stops now.


have been hurting with you, but you haven't seen it; you didn't see it a year ago, and you still don't see it now. I have tried with all my might to be there for you and Love you, but it is not enough for you. No matter what I have done, you have wanted--no, demanded--more


All I have wanted is a life with YOU. If we hadn't wasted months going around in circles about things that aren't even real, we could have been together by now, but I see now that it was never going to happen anyway.


Please don't email me anymore as I won't be reading them from now on. And please don't contact me.

You will never know how much agony my heart has been in at giving you Love only to have it questioned and belittled. I truly thought you were my prince. I still have no desire for anyone but you, nor will I. It will be back to just me and Christ, so don't add to the hurt of this by worrying about me wanting anyone else. Even after all the pain you've put me through, I'm still not interested in anyone else.

I just cannot do this anymore and Love in vain any longer someone who is never going to believe in it anyway.


I Love you; I always have and I always will...




We are both intense is this just * * * for tat there was no mention of DONT COME HERE ? obviously i have given her space, and we both hurt

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"hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"


This lady is angry,very angry.I strongly suggest you try to reason with her,if you plan on taking that trip.If you have no success,then you'll need to back off like she said.As I don't know you or her, I can't say whether she is overreacting,but she is very upset.The biggest problem in a LDR is when you argue,it can't be done face to face.That only adds to an already delicate situation.

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OH god ldr is the worst thing I have ever experienced. It really does cripple the relationship they never work out really I was sooo in love with my gf then she moved the USA 2 years ago and I live in the UK and it was probably the hardest thing ever. They really never work out but anyway she says she only wants you just surprise her take a trip up there and tell her how much you love her

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