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Impotent or not?

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I am in my mid 20s and I am still a virgin. My problem is that I dont know if i am impotent or not.


Over the years I have been very depressed because of which I occasionally lose my hardness while masturbating. I even lost my hardness once while getting a blowjob.


There are two reasons why I think I could be impotent.

1) Because I occasionally lose blood flow down there when I get tense.

2) I am soo used to masturbating that I dont know if a feeling other than my hand would do it for me.


That said, I do know that I am physically allright since I get hard erections when I wake up in the morning.


Its just that I dont know if I am mentally fit to maintain it for a period of time - and if by any chance I do manage to sleep with a woman, would the fact that I am soo used to my hands hinder my ability to be erect - especially for an extended period of time.

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