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What does this mean? (quick responses needed)


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conversation we had through texts while she's at work (she has 2 more hours in her shift):



Girl: want to hang out with me while i work on my project tonight?


me: I can't leave here until I get the key from my dad.


girl: oh, that sucks. i'm going to be home alone all tonight


2 hrs later


me: hey i got the key so I can go out. i'm going to my buddy's house but i'll have my phone so just give me a call when you're ready and we'll hang out.



30 min later


girl: hey i won't be that much fun tonight so i'll just call you tomorrow. have fun


me: You sure? I don't mind chilling while you work on your project, I just wanted to see you tonight. If you just need space to work on it though, it's totally cool.


girl: it's totally up to you.




does she not want to hang out with me or does she genuinely figure that i'd be bored with her and will have more fun with my friends? or might she have other plans that she didn't tell me about? or does she just not want to hang out?


I met her 2 weeks ago and we quickly liked each other and saw each other every day since we met. yesterday was the first day we didn't see each other, i spent the night at my friends and she worked late. she always tells me i'm amazing and she's lucky to have found me so i'm sure that she likes me, but i can't tell if maybe she's losing that interest?

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She wouldn't of texted you if she did not want to hang out. So whats up with this key thing? it probably would of been smart to go when she asked you first, her doing that means she wanted to be with you, but i don't know exactally whats up with why you weren't able to leave so yeah. She's not losing interest yet, shes just pissed at you. You need to spend alot more time with her.

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She's not losing interst. Trust me when they say "it's up to you" they would love to hang out, but don't want to push you into anything. Next time just be like..."I've hung out with this friend a lot, I wanna come over." and if she 'playfully argues' just end up like..."i'm coming over right now so get over it" and you'll both laugh a little and she'll really like it.

But yea, just remember she likes you and loves to hang out with you. she's interested

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Yea I totally agree with ole21.

She just said it so she doesn't sound pushy. Plus you told her your going to your friends and she doesn't want to seem like she is already being possisive and taking you away from your friend-chilling-time.

And also in case she ends up being boring, lol you can't blame her since she gave you the option to come over.

I like the idea of being playfull too and saying: "I'm coming over now so get over it" lol. It shows you really do wanna see her.

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I'd say it was a moment of insecurity on her part. esp bc she clearly invited you over but you didn't respond for 2 hours. She might figure you are either a) playing with her head or b) you are not really interested or c) your resons are legit (which, with her being a woman, the last one is probably the one she's thought the least about). Give her tonight. Send her a txt saying good luck on her project and have a nice night, sweet dreams, something along those lines. Let her wonder, if she is wondering, or start to wonder. Then come back with it tomorrow.

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Dude you screwed up BIG TIME. When a girl invites you to her house and says she's home alone, as soon as you can you COME OVER. You don't do this "I'm going to go see a friend first so call me if you want to do something". You know what that tells her? It tells her that you don't like her enough to see her over your friends and that you just tacked on the "call me if you want to hang out" to decline her invitation.


That's just the vibe that I got from your post, I'm not saying that she's going to break up with you over this but I am saying that it was a mistake to go see your friend rather then her since she invited you in the first place.

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This is typical 'Girls and Guys just cannot communicate with each other'.


She invited you out first... and you responded telling her you can't get off work. No biggie. But then you respond later with, "Hey I am off, but I am going to my friends house so let me know when you want to hang out"


In her mind she's probably thinking, "I guess he just doesn't want to come over that bad if he's made plans to hang out at a friends house already." So she responds with the I wont be fun crud.


Then you respond by completely backpedaling and saying "Oh no I really want to come" to which she replies, "It's up to you"


This whole situation would be so much easier if you both knew how to communicate better. For one, I wouldn't have gone to her house unless I thought we weren't going to study. How fun would that have been for me to sit there and watch her do homework? Don't I have better things to do? Yeesh. I may hav even teased her a bit about her thinking I have no life. Depends on the girl.


If I did get off early and wanted to hang out, I definitely would not have told her I am going to hang out with friends and then put it on her shoudlers to call me with a time frame. If I was planning on going to her house (I wouldn't have unless we weren't studying), I would have just said, "Hey I am off work and on my way."


You were being just as confusing to her as she was to you.

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