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take time to realize...

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just a rant...typing what im thinkin...


listen to colbie caillat guys....bubbly and realize....


im listening to these songs tonight...just realized its over.....3 weeks into the breakup....heartbreak is....painful.


been drinking more again lately....for some reason its daunting me. i felt like crap for the last 3 weeks...but nothing compared to what im going thro this past few days...i dun understand, why is it hittin me so hard all the sudden??


i keep telling myself to stop thinking, stop thinking....because it all doesn't matter now. no matter if shes out with another guy, no matter if she doesn't miss me, no matter what she said, no matter that we were once a couple, no matter how much she said she loved, no matter how much i miss her now....


it all doesn't matter now....whats done is done, whats gone is gone....


someone help me...give me a hand, so i can pull myself up.....i dunno what to do.


i cant help the way i feel....but i gotta take this time to realize....


im on ur side...im on ur side....


dont leave.....


no regrets, it doesn't even matter whether or not shes regretting it....im gonna have to stop looking back, even when my closest friends are friends with her too....she wants to hang out with them, all i've known this past few yrs is gone....


thats it....


go download the songs guys, "realize" and "bubbly".....

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My progress (in terms of songs) over the past two months...


Realize - Colbie Caillat


It's not always the same

no it's never the same

if you don't feel it to.

If you meet me half way

If you would meet me half way.

It could be the same for you.




Better Off Alone - Katharine McPhee


But every now and then, my heart gives in

To the hope that someday you'll change

Then alone I'll wake, to my own mistakes

That it's just a foolish game


I'm tired, tired of the fights

I'm tired of the lonely lonely lonely days and the dark endless nights

You didn't think, cause you didn't know

That I'd find the strength to let, let you go

I finally figured it out

I'm better off alone

Oh, I'm better off alone




You'll Think of Me - Keith Urban


Someday I'm gonna run accross your mind

Don't worry, I'll be fine

I'm gonna be alright

While you're sleeping with your pride

Wishing I could hold you tight

I'll be over you

And on with my life


to (hopefully... hehe)


Smile - Lily Allen


I was so lost back then

But with a little help from my friends

I found a light in the tunnel at the end

Now you're calling me up on the phone

So you can have a little whine and a moan

And it's only because you're feeling alone


At first when I see you cry,

yeah it makes me smile, yeah it makes my smile

At worst I feel bad for a while,

but then I just smile I go ahead and smile



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