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I want her for my own


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Short and quick:


I've had my eye on someone for quite some time now. I've known her almost 5 years but the whole time we've both been in relationships or complicated situations. She just, and I mean JUST, got out of a long relationship of over 3 years. I've been single for about 6 months now. I've been seeing random people but nothing great has happened...


Well now we are both single at the same time. How do I know when I should go for it? You know, ask her out or something? I'm pretty sure she knows I'm interested and I think she's interested too. I don't want to be a rebound kind of fling thing tho. That might be OK with another girl maybe but not with her. She just blows me away. What do I do? I don't want to miss my chance...

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It doesn't have to be a rebound relationship. If she dates you just to not be alone, then yes, that's exactly what it is. But if she wants to be with you it doesn't matter how long you wait. I just just try to ask her out or at least try to hang out with her if you can.

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She's gonna be a rebound girl. Now is not a good time. Try to get friendly with her, and you'll get your chance. At any rate she will appreciate the support.


That's not completely true. It depends upon her current state of mind. She could have come out of a 10 year relationship a week ago and yet still feel completely detached from the prior relationship and 100% ready to start a new one. Or, she could be devastated over the recent break up and not be ready at all. The point is, that it seems that "rebound" is a overused term on these forums. None of us here have any idea what state she is in.


What do you think OP, does she seem like she's completely passed the prior relationship and ready to date, or is she not?

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