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Bad case of PMS


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Ok this question is for the ladies (or gentlemen if you have any knowledge of pms).... Does anyone feel very depress, paranoid, irratable during the first week right before menstruation? I don't like to make an excuse for my behavior because of menstruation but I do realize that I am so irrational, angry and just plain nasty during the time of the month. I usually get these moods 1 1/2 prior to my period. I really do not get myself why i'm having these moods? and it's really getting to me. I feel like i'm going crazy, like getting mad for no reason at all. I don't know if that is even normal. I used to get moods when i was younger but now i'm in my 20's and my "pms" is getting worse to me it seems.

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Yes, it's normal. I just posted in the Depo Provera section about hormones and moods. There's a very strong connection. Women's hormones fluctuate throughout the month.


When our testosterone is higher at certain times of the month, we're more confident, bolder, and more amorous. Then our estrogen drops and we get depressed, irritable and we retain water (which makes us feel awful), and we have aches and pains such as sore back and breasts as well as headaches.


All of our hormones are always in different concentrations throughout the month so there are always the possibilities for different moods.


On the other hand, some women aren't affected by hormone changes very much. They just have different body chemistries that seem to handle the constant changes better.


Guess I'm rambling....oops.......


But yes it is normal. The only thing you can do is try to prevent the symptoms.


Limit salt

Take Ibuprophen

Limit or eliminate caffeine

Get plenty of sleep


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If it always happens the same time every month, and you get your period right afterwards then odds are thats what it is. If it happens randomly, or everyday of everymonth, well, you got some serious mood issues!



She said it was right before her period so we already know it's due to that.

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YES! Some times, my nerves are so frazzled I swear I wont make it to see the next day.


Like tonight. One of the girls here ( I work in a girls home) plugged up the drain with mashed potatoes. Right after that, I see the washer walking accross the floor and banging into the dryer because another one over loaded it and put too many clothes in it. The drain hose popped out and flooded the floor. While I'm cleaning that (and the drain in the kitchen is still tore apart) in walks another girl, the door catches a floor tile (because the floor is flooded)and starts ripping up tiles off the floor!


I left it all a mess, went to my room, and cried.

Any other day and I would have just been pissed, but functional!!!

Damn PMS!!

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Classic example of one problem leading to another. The washer was not overloaded, it was load in an unbalanced manner. The drainhose came out because of the washer pulling away from the floor due to the imbalance, and everything else was a result of that.


So why was the washer loaded improperly? Because you were preoccupied, depressed, in a hurry, whatever. Your mood caused the oversight which caused the cycle of destruction which made your mood worse.


You're back already? Dude, that was fast!

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