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What is she doing?

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Hi all,


Broke up in May this year - her doing as she wanted to finish school and no longer wanted to be tied down. She also said she no longer felt the same for me etc.


Since then we have had contact but I cut it all completely around 2 months ago.


Over the past fortnight she has;


Sent me 1 email asking all about my life.

Sent me 1 joke email relating to my career (just as a bit of fun)

Came around to my house at 3am and left water baloons on my car as part of her end of school play up.

Sent a mobile phone text message to my mother.

Also 1 of her friends has sent me a mobile phone text message.


What is she doing? Anyone know what is happening?



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It seems to me that she wants to get in touch with you again. It's hard to say whether she wants to be just friends or if she wants something more. I would try not to assume anything and just be friendly to her, that is if you want to keep contact with her.

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