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Building the body beautiful

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Building the body beautiful!


Ok, so dumped by my ex 5 months ago I decided to go back to the gym - actually I never left it but decided to pursue fitness with a renewed vigour. So I transferred most of the time I spent propping her ego (before the break-up) and angsting (after the break-up) to working out at the gym. Cardio, lifting weights, various fitness classes, swimming, whatever. Eating very healthy.


Consequently, now I am in quite good shape, I’ve lost about 30 pounds of fat, replaced by 10 pounds of muscle and if I may be so brash and egotistic, hell, I look good naked – toned, lean and muscular (too bad I've got no-one to be naked with but that's another story).

I am about ½ pound of fat loss away from the much vaunted 6 pack (still got a little mini-pooch kind of thing going on which I hate)


Problem though. I look positively gaunt. I’ve seem to lost a lot of the weight off my face. Combine that with an almost constant look of ferocity. I don’t know, I don’t really like that. I’ve got a military style haircut too for the first time ever (not helping with removing the psycho look much)


So, how do I lose that little bit of weight off my abs without losing anymore off my face?


Also can anyone recommend a good protein powder (I haven’t been using that much and I’m thinking that might help with muscle development as well)


PS: I want my ex back, but in the meantime, I’m working on myself. Not just my body, but my mind, spirit, career and general outlook as well.

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I have the same problem. Especially during race season, I'm a rail. My face gets very thin, and I look like some of the Survivor rejects after 3 weeks on an island. For me, there's no way to fix it. Luckily, most of my peers all look the same way so no one seems to mind, and in fact, it's a sign that you're probably fast and bad ass so it's even seen as attractive.

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Well, as you said, the little pooch remaining over your abs is fat...I lost mine by totally cutting out sugar...but as far as your face, that is a bit of the down side of having low body fat. I have seen female body-builders who look mannish because their faces are so masculine looking because of the lack of the softness a bit of fat give you. I have used "On WHey" protien powder. My favorite is chocolate. A little natural peanut butter, a banana, some skim milk and some ice in the blender..yummy! Muscle food ! Good for you ! I hope to be joining you soon in the spirit of working out and feeling great again...I have sorta been lazy since I got married four months ago...I really want to get back on the horse again !

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I'm gaining weight back, and have the same prob! While my body is getting there, the face still looks gaunt. I think that maybe putting on a bit more than you need may help, but that may be just me.

For the life of me, never realised we lost weight in our face!

Makes me look...malnourished. OK, I'm thin, but?

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do more legs lifts and ride the stationary bike. it will knock ur waste down and tone it up more. i have so much muscle in that area (it's the sex abs by the way), that it can look like a fat roll or something. with my shirt off, nope, it's all cut. but stick with leg lifts and cardio. also you can try the leg ups on a bench to where your legs hang off the bench and you pull up to your chest. it will help.


grab an exercise ball and do some twists too. (medicine ball) you will be cut in no time. i try and limit my protein to every other week. my lower abs feel more bloated and look bigger on the weeks i'm taking protein.

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Tell us more about the medicine ball ghost and abdominal exercises. I got one of those a few weeks back, but have no clue what to do with it really!

you know.. when I lost about 25 lbs and showed people my drivers license, so many people remarked on how much thinner I looked in my face. Apparently I lost ALOT of weight in my face. So I think losing weight goes hand in hand with getting a thinner face. I notice my hands look thinner too when I lose weight!

Now.. sadly, I am starting to put on weight again and see my face, and esp. my chin starting to get more puffy looking and not as lean.

Another great exercise for the stomach area, happens to be riding a bike UP HILL... TRY IT.. when I was trying to lose weight and still pretty chubby, I noticed I would start getting that attractive line down the middle of my stomach after a few uphill rides. Gosh. I so wish it was not cold out now..

I really need to lose some weight.

Any advice as far as the food thing goes.. I think that I have heard drinking water helps, but I am sort of a snack-fiend at nite, and my weakness is carbs.. chips, cookies, bread, that type of thing..

I can eat a pretty balanced diet over all, but if I eat that type of stuff, it seems to put on a few pounds in a day! I think I had better just not buy chips or bread or pastries for awhile....

My clothes are getting tighter.. hey congrats on the weight loss..

Congrats on the new nuptials frlyfrei! That is terrific!

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