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I know how you feel, my gf done exactly the same and boy does it hurt and piss me off so much.


Dont get bitter though, it will hurt you more and will take you longer to heal.


Try to accept its over and that you deserve much better than a lyin, cheating, wee tramp. Yeah, at the moment thats what she is. she is BAD NEWS and you're on the winning streak as you have got that BAD NEWS out of your life.


Not all girls are like her, in fact the majority of girls are nice, respectful and honest. Dont let this experience ruin your future relationships.


I wouldnt let her around to your house. Dont even phone her, Ignore her and keep her out of your life cause all she is doing to it, is ruining it.


You are much better than that.


Good luck,


Tony, 27, Ireland.

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