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Ladies...are there any flavored massage oils you love? Where can I get them?


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Well I'm visiting my girlfriend this weekend...as we see each other only once every 2 weeks because of distance.


I want to kinda "surprise" her. I mean, we'll be all over each other right when I walk in the door. But why not give her a massage?


Ok, ok. I have some alterior motives. She doesn't like giving or receiving oral. Since I've never used flavored massage oil before...I figured maybe this will do the trick? She'll know that my body and her body will taste good...maybe she'll give it a try?


What do you think?

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Hmmm... Cherry is a pretty safe one to go with as most people like cherry. Stay away from the "fancy" kinds because they often don't taste like what they're supposed to taste like. Go to a sex shop and ask the clerk to recommend something. Trust me, they love talking about sex and making recommendations... It's why they're there!

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