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Does he fancy me ?


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Hi.I hope this is in the right section.Last saturday,,i bumped into a man i've seen before, in a nightclub.I last saw him last year and when he saw me then he said he thought i was sexy !.That was the first time i saw him.I was out with my uncle,This man knows my uncle and some more family members.I'm not sure how old he is,maybe late thirties or early forties.When he saw me he said I've seen you before and he got close up so only i would hear what he was saying and he said i just want to say that i think you're a very attractive young lady '.But he said he wasnt taking me on,not sure what he meant by that,and said he would kill me,meaning my uncle would kill him.My uncle is a similar age to him.I didnt get chance to speak to him more,but i would have told him that i have been involved with a man in his forties before,he wont know that.

I was surprised he even remembered me.I wanted to tell him that i was willing to give it a try,or just be mates with him.I'm not sure if i will see him again,but he usually goes where my family goes,so i might see him again.

It definetly gave me a boost and i havent been able to stop thinking about him since.Also,he knows the other older guy i was involved with,i dont know if that matters.

I wonder if i told him that i dont mind about his age,he would change his mind ?


I am 23 by the way.


What do you think about this ?

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Thanks for your reply.I dont know if i will see him again.I might do as i know he sometimes goes to the places i go to.And i will think about what i want to do.However,i was confused by his comment where he said he wasnt taking me on,even though he said he thought i was attractive.what did that mean ?

I didnt carry on talking to him after that though.

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Thanks.Also rootcause43,what do you think he meantby he wasnt taking me on ? was that because of my uncle ?.He isnt very close to him.I think the last time my uncle saw him actually was last year when i saw him,before we saw him last week.


I might have the wrong person,but i think he is the brother of someone my uncle was friends with as he was growing up,and still knows him now.My mum,my uncles sister,knew him too.I'm not sure how well they know this guy though.


If i see him again i will try and explain to him that i am ok with it.I dont know why someone wouldnt have something to do with you because you are young and because of your family.I mean for one thing we are both adults,and for another,whats it got to do with my family anyway ?

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