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Talked to the ex today on the phone trying to work things out, and it seemed like things were going well, but then as she walked in the house her mom asked who she was on the phone with - she lied and said she was on the phone with the new b/f. It stung like hell to be denied like that, then she tried to act like nothing was wrong. I tried explaining to her, but she was like "Well I'm trying to avoid drama on the homefront".


I don't know what to do anymore..........I still love her with all my heart, and she keeps making overtures that she might wanna get back then goes back to talking about how she likes the new guy. I told her last night about having bought the plane tickets to see her over Christmas and the engagement ring, and she was mad at me for not telling her sooner.


Part of me just wants to walk away so I don't have to keep getting hurt by knowing she is seeing him and risking damaging her relationship with the new b/f, yet the other part of me desperately wants to be back with her. I don't know what to do anymore.



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By respecting yourself enough to realize she doesn't view the relationship the same way you do.


You want to get married. She is seeing other people. Your values are incompatible.


I know you care about this girl but based on what you're saying here her feelings are not mutual.


She is making a doormat out of you whether she intends to or not. She isn't really making much of a consideration for your feelings either way.


You need to look after your own best interests and move on. There will be someone else somewhere down the road who will be much more worthy of obtaining your devotion.

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Well its actually raining for once here, so "Texas Flood" by Stevie Ray Vaughn is what im listening to now.


A new bf equals you creating drama by staying in touch. I think it is in vain. Don't worry about the phone thing, there is much more depth.......


"Disgust the Vile" by Visceral Bleeding might help as well.

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