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Just a yes or no.


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Ex girlfriend who I am still in love with suggested moving in. I moved accross the country, well more or less ran away. We were both in a bad spot. I was having family trouble and a * * * * time at work. She was too. We talk all the time, only when she initiates, and I tell her I love her. She tells me she "luvs" me. I'm moving from Alberta to BC. Thats Ontario, then Alberta, next BC. Now she's moving to the same city. She wants to get a place together to save money I suppose. Do I tell her no because it would kill me to live with her and not be with her? Or do I just go ahead and find a place of my own. I think the latter myself but I've obviously been wrong in the past... I do want to be with her but not yet. I have a lot of things I want to do before I try to get her back.

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Yeah, I'm not. Should I tell her why though?


No, I would try and avoid that if I wanted to get back someday...


I can't really think of any good excuse, but moving in together would court disaster, and like you say kill you on a daily basis.


I'll come back to this thread if I think of something good



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Well, not kill me literally.


I know.


Maybe you could tell her that you found a place you couldn't pass up, but the landlord is strict and won't go for a roomie... say they are just weird that way...


Usually, I like to be honest, but sometimes a white lie can save a bunch of awkwardness and bad feelings.


In that case it's worth it.



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