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How to approach this girl?


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Hah, I am usually good at coming up with ways for people to approach others depending on the setting but now I need some suggestions.


So to start with I work at a supermarket chain in a shopping centre. Now next to my supermarket is a butcher.

Now there is this girl who works there on Saturdays who I find to be quite pretty.

Now I really have talked to her except for like a week and a half ago when she came into my store (on a Tuesday, she wasn't working, it was evening) with who I suspected was her grandmother.

So she asked me where something is and I should of then asked her if she worked in the butcher. Anyway I'm sure it was her.


The key details are as follow.

I work on Saturday and so does she.

I work from 9am-6pm.

I think she starts after me and finishes around 5.

Fortunately for me someone who use to work at my store works at the butcher now and knows her.

I'm not friends with this guy but we are friendly with each other.

So I currently have two ways of going about this.

The first one is during my first break and walk past and if it isn't busy and ask the guy I know if its been busy.

Then I say to him hey introduce me to your friend as I gesture towards her.

I think this one is a bit to straightforward though but I guess it gets the point accross if she happens to overhear which is most likely. Though I say it might be a bit confronting.


Now the second way is since they both get of around 5 I take my last break around then. Usually the two of them walk together outside to the car park.

Ask him how the day was and then proceed to say whoo's you friend or introduce myself to her.


So firstly whats the better way in your opinion and secondly is there anyway else?


Oh yeah, since I'm 18 living at home I don't think I'll be buying any meat from the butcher anytime soon.

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