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Is this LOVE????


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Hey All


Its been a while since my last post. I just want some advice, i have met the most amazing girl ever. We went to primary school together and haven't seen eachother in 13 years. She imigrated to Australia and has come down for holiday. The first time we saw eachother it was like WOW!!!! She leaves in 2 weeks to go back and we have kinda confessed our undying love for eachother. I have alaways had plans to go to OZ, and was just wanting to know from you guys if you think this is real LOVE!!!! I know its not very detailed, but that would be a 3 page essay. I just have these crazy feelings inside me all the time and she says she has also been having the same feelings. It feels like i have got butterflies in my tummy 24/7. She said she wants to spend the rest of her life with me and i can see myself doing the same. So my question is, is this LOVE?

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cant say its love since you have not seen her for 13 years. have you too been in touch all this while. what happened all this while and on this trip of hers , how long you two been together ?


be careful as it might be a strong infatuation , attraction towards her , love is much different.

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We have been together for the past month while she has been here, and yeah we have had contact for like the last year or so. obviously alot has happened in her life and in my life through those 13 years, but now when we are together its like wow. We just sit there in absolute amazment, just constant smiles on our faces. Even our friends have noticed something deeper than "lust"

What you saying is very ture though, and thats what i am affraid of, don't wanna give all of me away. I have never ever felt this way about any1 before and suppose i just need to live life and see what the future holds?

We gonna be apart for like 6 months to a year. If things last through that, would you say its love?

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