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I grew up in a small town of around 700 people. Now, I live in a city of over 30,000 people. Preferably. Occasionally, I miss my family including relatives(nieces, nephews, etc...) friends, and so on. There are a lot of reasons why I don't like my family. My dad's sister's husband is a lazy pain in the a** to deal with. He causes so much destruction to the family and does not care about it. He is a drunk. My cousins are ok but one of them I find very annoying. My uncle is this Indian Rights type of person. Anyway, I feel like they think I act like this "white" person in a city. Does it have to be that hard? I like living in a city it is much more easier. The people don't know each other and everyone else minds their own business. Why does my family say things like that? What they want to do is their choice and what I want to do is mine. I do my own thing and they do theirs. Is that a big problem? I used to hear my dad talk about how our family is broken. It bothered me so much. He is always yelling at everything and still my mom takes it. She doesn't have to do that, does she? He gets jealous over her past boyfriends of 16 years ago!!! He can't even get it out of his head because you know what happens when he does that??? He hits my mom for that! It's embaressing to see when I go home. She has bruises on her face and when I take my boyfriend to see my family everything else is embaressing! Why does it have to be like this? Can't my dad stop? Isn't it too late for him to realize what he is doing blocked by marijuana smoke? My brother is in the army and is on stand-by to go to Iraq...him and my dad have had a fight once. It's hard to see my parents including my brother and younger siblings to go through. It isn't healthy. It makes me feel like everyone else has a perfect family and I don't. What can I do to get rid of my worries??? Every time I look at my boyfriend's family I look at this "perfect" picture. Do I have low self-esteem???

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all families have problems. some have many, some fewer. some big, some smaller. why compare?


enjoy his family, but don't apologise for yours. don't be embarressed by it either. you are not their keeper, but you should advise your mom of her rights. abuse is not acceptable.


you have low self-esteem, cos you let yourself be measured by the quality of your family and not by your own abilities and personal character.


but you have a choice before you. do value yourself.

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