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he's leaving and i can't stop crying.what do i do


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Hi There,


I am sorry that you are hurting. Who is it that is leaving, and where are they going?


I don't think you can stop yourself from being sad or crying, I think you just need to feel it, be honest about it, let it out, and after some time you will start to feel better.


Keep posting here, that's what we are here for.

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someone i know is leaving my life and i can't stop crying. i can;t imagine saying goodbye. I don't think i've ever been this upset over anyone before. how do i stop crying?how do i stop myself from crying when the time comes to say goodbye.


Sometimes in this life you lose people, through break-up, through a change in circumstances, through death, and many other reasons besides. Often you cannot control whether or not they leave. The one thing you can possibly control is the way in which you part company.


When you know for sure that someone must leave, and if you can, then try to make sure you leave on good terms. That will at least allow you to cherish the memories that you shared without feeling you no longer have a right to them.


Be strong, and time will ease the pain.

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