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I dont know why i did it :s

Mr. Stealth

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Hi all.

To keep things shortly.I had sex with my best girl friend and now i dont know what i have to think.

She started the flirting and yeah as a man i follow.

The thing is, we did it just for fun and we talked about it after and we decided that we both didnt felt sorry about it, after all.

We talked that we both arent attracted to eachother but i doubt that she isnt.

I think she is afraid i dont like her as a girlfriend.

pffff and now i dont know what to do.

we try to keep things silent between other friends and till now it worked.

so.... i dont know how it will go on further.

will there be another time, will it stop and how should i react the next time.

The biggest problem is that i dont want our friendship to be broken just for some sex. thats all.

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You're right to be worried about this. It's pretty rare that good friends can sleep with each other and end up with little or no reprecussions. It's a Pandora's Box for sure.


I'm pretty sure this is why when people are looking for "just sex" they tend to take it out on relative strangers. I know that you already know this. If I were you, I wouldn't have thrown out the whole "I'm not attracted to you" thing. It's fine that you're not attracted, but it would have been a little bit classier I think had you said something like:


"You're an amazing woman, but I know that we're a bad dating match."

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I didn't think it really sounds as though she is disappointed about the two of you not bieng in a relationship. But if your still worried about it, just ask her flat-out and she'll probably give you a straght answer. And about what Jettison said, that she would look for a complete stranger, its not always necessarily true. It could have just been a momentary thing that initially sounded like a good idea.


I think for a while it will affect your friendship, but thats only if you expect it too. If you forget it happened or push it too the back of your mind its easier for you to stay the same as how you were, but thats easier said than done sometimes.


Just try and act the way you were beforehand and eventually the two of you having sex will become old news. And it will be like it never happened after a while.

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You can still have a good friendship, with some sexual chemistry thrown in there.


If you are mature about it, and just say... It was only sex, i see no reason why it should effect a good friendship, she'll agree with it. And it shouldn't!


If it happens again... thats fine, don't fall over yourself about it.


It had positive emotions attached to it and you want to perpetuate things that have good emotions attached to them.

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It was only sex, i see no reason why it should affect a good friendship, she'll agree with it. And it shouldn't!


Yeah, but that's a bit naive, boo. Sex changes the whole dynamic. Sure, they may settle into a mutually satisfactory FWB relationship. But just as likely one of them will develop feelings and the friendship will be over. "It was only sex" may work for some girls, but not with most girls for whom sex is an important event. It's risky if the friendship is important.



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Why not take it the the next level. Its that or just be friends............like that isn't complicated enough. I believe it is impossible in nature for guys to just be friends forever. Some time after knowing her very well and if she is kinda attractive, he will tap that. It is natural.

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