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5 weeks since she left, I still love her

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Well she broke my heart a little over 5 weeks ago. We had some problems and she just left and never came back. She didn't want to talk to me, or see me or anything. 5 weeks later it seems her life's moving on, and I'm stuck in the same place. I do suffer from depression, which makes it just a little harder for me, but I still think about her all the time. Dream about her every night. I feel her hatred towards me, and it crushes me. I dont think she's found anyone knew, but I have my feelings. I know I can't get her back, but at least if we were on good terms it would be easier. She changed her phone number and shut me out of her life. How can I move on when I have no desire to find someone else?

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You may not have any desire to find anyone new yet, but I think you will eventually. Many of my friends and I have experienced this. We've all had our hearts broken at one point or another. And it's true that for a while we didnt stop thinking, even obsessing, over our lost loves. Give yourself some time, and try to calm down. If you and your lost girl are meant to be, then it will come to pass. Carry on with your life, enjoy who you have, and everything will fall into place.



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i know what your going through right now i feel the same way you do. I have HOPE that my ex and i will get back together its been 3 weeks since she broke up me with. I tell my self that she needs her space and when she is ready to come back i will be here waiting for her. I too suffer from depressions and she agreed to come with me to get some help. Good luck bro.

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my girlfriend and i haven't spoken the official words "its over" but i know inside that it is. i am the one who always calls. this time i haven't called her and she has yet to call me. this time i tell myself that i have to remain strong and NOT call. i go out of my way so i don't even see her. i don't even want to go out, scared about the fact that i may see her with another guy. Right now i am Missing in Action just thinking about the love of my life, trying to maintain my composure. this is the most difficult thing that i ever had to do and now it seems like my life is a wreck. i wish that nobody would have to go through situations like this, but unfortutanetly thats life.

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The first month I was with her, her ex boyfriend of 2 years was harassing her. They had broken up 7 months before we got together, but the relationship was new, so I didn't get involved at first. After a while, it started pissing me off and I confronted him and he stopped for a while, but then every now and again he would do something. I avoided it. She talks to him now, they are good friends. She refuses to speak to me. While we were together, he best friend went behind her back and tried to have me cheat on her with her. I obviously didn't do anything, but I told my gf about it and they stopped talking. The day after she broke up with me, she began talking to her friend again. So now she hates me, refuses to talk to me, but talks to the two people who tried to ruin our relationship. I am filled by so much anger that sometimes I find it uncontrollable. I know I shouldn't care about her anymore, she's hurt me so much. I cant help it though. I want to hate her, but I cant. I dont know what to do with myself. I dont know how to go on, being betrayed like this. I am now the bad guy, and I dont know what I did. These people destroyed my life.

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