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I am four months out of a break-up. It was a tough/bad one, I suppose they are never easy.


Anyway last night I had a dream that was a bit odd...I dreamed that I was at my wedding with my ex, dressed up tux etc with everyone getting ready for the wedding. Then it was called off and someone was giving the regret speach. I went to talk to my ex and her and her family walked up, dressed up for a wedding but she was with her new boyfriend. I am not entirely sure what to make of it. I mean I know she has had a boyfriend for 2.5 months and have accepted it(for the most part). It was just a weird dream, I suppose the wedding images kind of hurt. No idea where it came from though.


I guess its not a question of sorts but just a random post. Anyone else have dreams like this from out of no where?

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Hey Up and Down


Those dreams suck - they really do! I had them on and off for quite a while - all sorts of bizarre things but often so vivid. trust me - give it a couple of months and you will start dreaming about other things - better things!


Take care fella - you are getting there.



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It just sucked because it was so vivid. I am getting better and I know it, I am keeping busy especially on the weekends. You can somewhat control conscious thought but this subconscious stuff is sort of annoying. I will say I haven't been dreaming of late...not the best way to start. Oh well in time I am sure my dreams will change...hopefully for the better.

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