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problem w/ choosing

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i have a small but annoying problem. i cant like just 1 girl. everytime i like someone, i like about 3 other girls at the same time. i am friends w/ a lot of girls, and there are aobut 4 i like right now, and i cnat seem to choose which 1 girl i like, and i really wanna try to start a relationship. any advice?

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I just dealt with a problem of this sort a couple of months ago. There were two girls I really liked. And whenever I spent time with one, I'd feel like I liked her the most. And then I'd be aroudn the other, and think the same about her.

What you really have to think about is- who's best for you? And who are you best for? Consider who you've got the most in common with. Think about why you like all of the girls. Is it a sex appeal thing? Do they all have admirable qualities?

I'm reasonably sure that once you've examined why you like each one, you can decide which you like best. If that makes any sense. It worked for me!



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