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Return To The Old Job?

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I have made a few posts in the last few months eluding to the fact that my job is making me miserable. (No need to search those down, just wanted to acknowledge that I have asked for help prior… and thank you for it!) I feel like I must get out and I am trying to be sensible about this. My desperation for wanting to get away is so strong that I worry that I will/would jump at the first job that comes my way. This could be a poor decision as I may take a significant cut in pay or move from one miserable situation to another. But I know from experience that a job search can take months… sometimes years to occur. My gut wants me gone yesterday!


So, I am considering to ask for my old job back. I must admit, that I feel ashamed to be considering such a thing. It feels like failure, not to mention sorta “wrong” to my former employer (although I left on extremely good terms! I was told that I could return at any time, but they all say that… guess there's only one way to know if they mean it!)


I guess I am seeking advice or experience from those who may have made a similar decision. I initially left for a career change, so I know the experience at the old job is positive, but I wonder if anyone else has some thoughts to share. Thanks for your help!

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It happens. I haven't done so myself, but I know of a number of poeple who went back to an old job and did so successfully. I personally don't see any harm or shame in it. With all respect to the above poster, the reasons for having made decisions can change over time in some cases.

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No worries going back. I know MANY people who have done so - especially back around 2002 when all the link removed's were blowing up and going bankrupt.


I know a several who went back and their employers were VERY happy to see them come back.


The only thing I would caution against, is what you pointed out before. And that is settling and then finding yourself itching to get out again.


If you can't stomach things anymore and you're at your wits end, then I can't tell you not to go. Just think about what the next step will be once you return to your old employer. Are you just going to stick around for a year and then jump again?

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Thank you for advice thus far and for pointing out the future! I do not want to return to my former employer only to leave again. (I feel I owe my boss AT LEAST a year.) I was thinking of returning to school while I am there (I work too many hours at my present job to make that happen). I am very interested in human resource work and figured that if I took night classes that eventually I would have the additional education to help move me in this direction when the time came to once again move on. I just REALLY don't want to make my next move to be another mistake. (I appreciate any additional thoughts!)

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I am going through the same thing. I worked for a government agency and left for the private sector. Five months later I want out fast. I will stick it out until the new year. I asked my old boss if I could go back and he was positive. My issue is the same as yours...have I failed? My friends (the very few that know) say that you never know if the new job will work. Otherwise most of us would never leave our jobs. I am currently looking at other government agencies and crossing my fingers. Please keep us posted. Good luck.


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evarela, welcome to ENA! I am touched that your first post was a reply to me!


I appreciate knowing that others have been where I am! I learned some additional information about my supervisor (and how she has lied about my skills) and have decided to get in touch with my former boss to see if anything can be done. You're right, we don't know if a new job will work out unless we tried! Thanks for your never ending support!

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I'm in a similar situation. I left a great job to pursue acting full time. That didn't last and I ended up at a different job (my current one) and the level of skill I acquired at the first job far exceeds what I do here. I've been in contact with old co-workers since I left and they all know I'd like to come back. I also left on good terms and I've already heard that my former Sr. Vice President would like me back.


I understand what you're saying about feeling like you're a failure, but you're not. We all make choices and the choice to leave at that time felt right. You've learned the grass isn't always greener and you'll be returning to your old job with a new-found appreciation for it. I see it as a good thing!

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