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could you date a short guy?


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I would find it an issue/wouldn't date him easily. Perhaps I may be able to overcome it but.. it would be a big issue, not just something I would easily overlook.

I like guys my height though, I am also 5'2-5'3 and I love guys my height or just a few inches taller is also ok.


OP, how tall are you? A majority of girls are around 5'2-5'4..

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I prefer guys to be short, closer to my height. I have been with tall guys before and thats ok too. Its just a height thing I guess since I'm 4'7, and being level for hugs and kisses is nice sometimes I guess. One of my friends that, well we had friends with benefits going on, he was 5'4 and I loved that. We never did go any furthur than that though. My 1st love was 5'6, which I liked a lot too. I'd date a guy shorter or taller than me, its all good. Height really is not a main thing on my list, I just have a preference for shorter guys.

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This is funny, but short guys are always attracted to me. I was married to a man who was shorter than me and we made a great couple. Personality differences though didn't click.


Some men who are short tend to have a napoleon complex for some reason. May be I'm referring to my ex. I just love tall men. I am also happy if I dated someone who was at least three inches taller than me. When he kisses me I would stare up at him, not down.


I guess I'm being biased from my bad experiences and wishes.

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Honestly, I don't know. Yes personality trumps all but there has to be some attraction there to start a relationship. I'm 5'5'' and can't see myself dating someone who wasn't at least a couple inches taller. The same applies for skinny guys. I'm just not attracted to them at all. They have to be tall and beefy LOL.

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I very much prefer someone of my own height or taller (and I am 5`11"!), I think most girls would prefer the same.


Some are more flexible than others and are able to be attracted to someone for their other qualities. My aunt is tall and very large and expected to find a big beefy guy. She ended up falling for an marrying someone very short and skinny - he just wowed her with his personality.

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I have dated guys that were a few inches shorter then me. I have also dated taller guys. (I'm 5"8".) I really did like it when the guy was taller, but I wouldn't rule out a guy who was shorter if he had a great personality and we connected on that romantic level.

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I am 5'11 and always felt like the tallest girl in the world!


I fell in love with a guy who was 5'6. Heck I was five inches taller and outweighed him by ALOT.


We aren't together anymore for other reasons.....but I still think he's the sexiest guy ever!!

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Yes I would.


I've heard a lot of girls prefer taller guys, and I like tall men, but I like short men too. As long as the personality is tall. I actually am attracted to short guys for the simple fact that they often try to compensate by acting big, and I like that. It's like being short strenghtens the character in ways that can't be achieved otherwise.


Tall guys can be a bit weak on the inside, cause they've always had height to fall back on. I guess I'm just turned off by priviledge. And height is a priviledge, as the above posts confirm.


and to quote the rapper Katastrophe


"just because I'm 5 foot 3 doesn't mean your girl won't do me, baby! I'm gonna take your girlfriend, because she's looking at me, she keeps on looking at me...."

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I absolutely adore short men! Of course i am 4'11 so even a short guy is taller than me, but i honestly think if i were a tall chick i'd still love them!


My father is only 5'4 and they say girls migrate toward guys like dear old dad so who knows, maybe that has something to do with it. Growing up my dad was very athletic and so good at so many sports I grew up thinking he was like this superhero so maybe I now see other men his height and stature in the same manner. Paging Dr Freud!


Anhoo, my husband is 5'6. That is short for a guy but i come to his shoulders barely so we are a perfect fit. But i still say if i were tall i would still like short guys.


I have dated tall guys too, so I am equal oppty. LOL

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