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advice... quick please. (UPDATED)

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[to admins- moderators - i know i made a post similar to this, but it was a totally different advice request, so don't assume this is double posting... thanks]


well thing is this, after having a relationship with my ex for about 1 and a half months, we broke it off, because it wasn't working.... and it couldn't have as i figured, reasons: we hardly knew each other, but got together... so basically our relationship was us getting to know each other... but we weren't being ourselves as time passed.... so we broke it off. this was in July or something..


from about one week after the break up, we were like best friends... did a lot of stuff together (nearly everyday) and had fun... a lot more than we used to have as we were going out.


until a few days ago, or was it yesterday? when she called me, just to ask whether i'd come to town... which she does a lot, and i expected it to be a very short conversation, but she started asking me how i was doing and questions like that...although she'd seen me the day before...


the day she called me, she went to this party, i wasn't invited, but i ended up going, because me and the host of the party are pretty cool with each other...

now: before i went (i came about an hour and a half late) my ex had been drunk already, and fell on glass, and gut her hands open, so she was upstairs in a room, sleeping, with her best female friend looking after her...


when i was told, i went upstairs to say 'hi'... but i was then sent out again by her best friend, as i left the room, my ex said ''he doesn't have to leave'' but her best friend told her it was best... so i did.


about an hour into the party, her best friend comes downstairs and goes to me ''she wants you to be with her....'' ( i found out today, that she was calling her best female friend, and when she was there, she started saying my name, and told her to get her...) so i was sitting next to her, on the sofa she was lying on, stroking her hair... and she was drunk, but threw up everything she could, so i'm quite sure she was quite sober by then... just didn't feel very well. so i was sitting there, stroking her hair while she was sleeping (or pretending to be/ or resting) and i watched this carefully, she slowly moved her hand on her head, and then started hugging me with one arm, and the other followed at some point (that was over a time span of about 10 minutes)... so i was stroking her head, while she was hugging me, two people who were once going out with each other, in a room all alone.. hugging and stuff... hmm?


well - this morning, i called her up, to ask if everything was ok... and she started making it a long conversation again, this time it was about an hour long, before we decided to get off the phone and meet in town....


she wanted me to call her a little bit ago, because she wants me to tell her something about a friend, so i tried, but i guess she's asleep already... oh well, i'll tell her in school tomorrow...


and what i've noticed is, this is exactly the way it was shortly before we decided to go out... so i'm quite confused...


and what i thought, since it's winter.. i might ask her to go to the movies with me, and see what happens then.... dunno though...


any opinions or something?



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I think you should just let it happen. Dont TRY to make anything of it again. If it should happen it will. Dont try to make something happen which isnt supposed to. Become close friends with her again. That might help organize all feelings. One you have done that,Think more into relationship. You obviously know she hgas feelings for you still. Let it be. Dont try anything "rash". If anything happens make sure you keep the cool. I hop this helped a little.

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ok, so you're saying, once i'm close friends....i should think more into relationship with her?


thing is, me and her are as close as ever really.... we're really close friends...


another thing, if i didn't misunderstand, so you think she still/or again... has feelings for me?


so what do i do now, that i added that info?


another thing, you guys think it's a good idea, to invite her to the movies?


or shall i say something like ''i feel like going to the movies, wanna join me?'' or what?




today in school, we didn't talk a lot, but we had a few conversations... as usual, we're both not very 'happy' in school, 'cause we think it sucks, so we don't talk a lot and stuff...


but last class, a couple of classes had a conference, and my class, and her class were there too, during that time, i noticed (she was sitting to the right of me, a few seats away) that she kept looking at me every now and then.... and at one point, when i looked at her, she turned to look at me, saw me looking, looked me in the eyes for a second, then turned away again.... dunno?



as you can see, i'm VERY confused.... any help is greatly appreciated. thanks

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Well I have to say one thing...Don't rush into anything. You learned from the last month and a half. I would let it happen and go with the flow. Just do one thing for yourself is don't get your hopes up to high. Take it day by day and play it by ear.


That is what I would do.


Good luck!



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What I am saying is, if it is meant to happen it will. Just go with the flow. If your having problems in school with not talking and such...since you both do not like school....try making it fun. Maybe make her laugh, do whatever you can to put her, and keep her in a good mood. I cannot say what would do that because I have not dated this individual. About the movie ideal. It doesnt neccessarily have to be the movies. Make it something you both enjoy. But if you are very close friends, i am sure she wouldnt mind going. Ask her as simply as this "So what are your plans for the night"....if she replies with an i dunno or has any open time say this "how bout goin and seein a movie?"..."wanna go?" Very simple. Hope this helped.

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