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I just got dumped by my first bf. I am 19 btw.. We had been going out for almost an year now, he used to tell me he "loved" me and I was the most important thing in his life. He used to even say I was perfect for him..a few months ago I left the country to visit family and after I come back, I realized he had changed. He wasn't as eager as he used to be to meet or talk to me.


Then I caught him flirting with some other girl, when I confronted him about it he turns everything around and blames it on me saying he thinks we are moving far apart. That confused me since everything was fine before I left. We got over that, he said he was sorry and it wont happen again.


Then he starts ignoring me..he wouldn't talk to me for weeks unless I begged him to which was awful since he used to want to spend every minute with me..I asked him over and over whether there was sumthin wrong or whether I had done something to upset him and he kept saying no..everything was fine..


Just a few days back he tells me we will have to leave each other one day since we have diff. religions, he never mentioned this before, later he changes his story and tells me that he doesn't find me "attractive" finally he tells me I wasn't a good gf since I was shy..even though, through out this whole time I never fought with him and did whatever I could to make him happy.. I dont know how to get over this..I never thought he would treat me like this..going from too much affection to plain cold. I cant be around my friends anymore since we have common friends..he fools around and acts like nothing has happened..he makes me feel sick one minute and the next minute hes out with friends laughing and having a good time.


I don't know how to get over this..I want to keep blaming myself but I know it's not my fault, I always used to be supportive and apologize even if I thought I wasn't wrong. I wish I knew how to go back to the way I used to be and quit crying ](*,)

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I always used to be supportive and apologize even if I thought I wasn't wrong.


This is the one thing you must take away from this situation as a learning experience and not do again. Long distance relationships rarely work anyway. Move on. Pretend not to care for alittle bit. Then show interest in a mutual friend...watch how fast things reverse...but the true power move would be just ot move on.

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