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having sex = losing weight


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Even though I'm fairly fit and pretty small most of the time, I have been looking back at photos of myself over the past 12 years or so... and the times when I was the slimmest was ALWAYS when I was having regular sex.


I know sex is good exercise, but I do much harder exercise most days anyway. It just seems easier to keep it off... even when most of the time i'm doing 2 workouts a day anyway!


Something about that sex which makes you drop that extra 5 pounds I think!


I don't think its just a coincidence.


So those of you in a healthy relationship, with lots of sex... keep it up! Not only do you feel better, you'll look better too!

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Actually having sex burns off very few calories but what happens when you make love to someone a certain hormone known as oxytocin is released. Oxytocin is also released when you feel love towards someone (it strengthens bonds and has been reported to be associated with monogamous behaviour) and is also released during breastfeeding. The thing about oxytocin is that it lowers appetite, so it makes sense that when you're having regular sex your appetite is dampened, hence the lower weight.


yay science

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i definitely notice when i am having regular sex I look leaner...Right now i am having sex very regularly and i have had several people comment on my body and how lean i look...they blush when i tell them why lol!!!


I am an active participant and i think that helps for sure, the more you put in the more you get out in terms of calories burned.

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If it's due to eating more, which causes you to eat more, then I don't think this is the reason. When you eat regular, you lose more weight funnily enough. People seem to think, if they eat less they lose less weight, it's actually the opposite. When you don't eat, your body goes in to starvation mode, it doesn't know when the next lot of food is going to come so it stores everything you don't need as well as the stuff you do need.

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Maybe your eating more cause you're not having sex. Although my reasons would be more psychological than the above post, which is interesting...


Bingo, also when you're having sex a lot there is less time to eat junk food. Your getting it on, instead of sitting on the couch eating and watching tv.


Plus a 1-2 two hour intense make out session probably burns a few calories too

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I agree about eating less when having sex due to suppressed appitite.


Also.. I feel happier when having sex or when in a relationship. So I feel less need to eat junk and comfort food.


What's funny is it's kind of a cycle for SOME women. If some don't feel good about their body, the sex goes down, and leads to maybe feeling worse about their body.

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Sex is a full body workout! And I love a full body workout! It's aerobic! It's awesome! I love the feeling of being sore after a good romp! When I have sex, I try to tighten my abs, keeping them tightened for 30 minutes to an hour really works 'em. You do leg lifts, move your hips in a circular motion, working the arms...


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