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Does a short interview = Not getting the job?

Double J

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Hello everyone,


I had a job interview yesterday that only took about 5 minutes. It's a position that's currently open in the Office of the President at my campus. The lady requested that I tell her about myself (including what I thought I'd be doing in 10 years) and what I felt the position entailed. She then went on to talk about the position and the responsibilities it would involve. At that point I could see that she was already trying to wrap it up. It was me who kept trying to throw things into the conversation to keep it going. I'm not sure if she was simply pressed for time, or if the fact that it was all so quick bodes bad news.


I felt that I was sharp and said all the right things. I made sure to highlight my key attributes and hand her two letters of recommendation, as well as my transcript.


She told me during the interview that 40-60 people applied for the position and the number of potential candidates was narrowed down to 5 (which includes me). What's odd is that prior to the interview, the girl who set up the interview over the phone said it would take 30 minutes.


Do you guys think I should expect the worst?

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Did you ask them any questions at the end? What kind of position in the Office was it for?


I've had interviews where they didn't ask em many questions, but due to the nature of the job, it wsa expected that i would be pro-active enough to ask THEM questions and kleep the conversation going.



What kind of answers did you give? I would imagine, that unless they were yes/ no questions, you could have elaborated more on a few questions and that alone would have taken up at least 15-20 minutes.

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