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How can i get my ex girl friend to belive that i still love her?


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How can i get my ex to trust me again, were tryin to get back together but..... she said that i put no effort in the last time, which she is right i did not an now i want to make it up to her an prove to her that i love her cause i do! an thats the only way she will get back with me an trust me again....what do i do?

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Well what do you feel? What is your love making you want to do for her?


If your heart is not talking to you, you are not in love. If it is talking to you it's saying "I want to make her happy" , "I want to do romantic things for her", "I want to find ways to psned as much time as possible with her", "I want to tell the world how lucky I am to be her b/f".


It shouldn't be too hard from there?

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You won't screw up. She wants attention, give it to her, make he feel like she has all your attention. Don't take her for granted.


I can't tell you specifically what to do, just follow your heart. Maybe start by asking her to dinner, just the two of you, no distractions, no time pressures.

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If it were me, I would want to see how you have changed. It may help to make a little journal of what you used to be like, the negative things, and then go through each and decide how you will work on them. This is really just a small exercise for you, but if you wanted to get your ex involved as well it could help her to see how serious you are. It shows you know where you messed up and how you will fix it. We all make mistakes, it's how we deal from them and learn from them which matters.


Also, as others have said, give her attention. Think about when you first started going out, you guys probably went out quite a lot or spent lots of nice time together? Take her out to places, be spontaneous, give her little surprises. It will show you care. And be there for her when she needs you and give her space when she needs it.


Hope that helps.

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Thank you Crazyaboutdogs. I believe that writing things down often helps. I am going through some stuff myself. I feel very down and negative towards myself (counselling helped me see this) so I have started a "positive journal". My friends have told me all the things they like about me and I write down the things I like about myself. So when I feel a down moment, I have a look through it.


Journals seem to be a good idea here.

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