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what made you fall in love?


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All of the little things.


The love notes

The text messages

The way she looked at me

Her willingness to move accross the country to be with me (not exactly a little thing!)

Her love of animals and children

Her curiosity

Her sense of adventure

Her love of nature

Her wanting so much to be closer to me and wanting me to be the one

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oh so many reasons but here are the ones that stand out most

the way he cared for me (especailly when I was sick that's when I really started to look at him differently)

The way he think i'm beautiful..even when I'm sick..lol

the way he makes me laugh

his kind & gentle heart

his intellegence

his handy man nature..he can do anything....lol

The way he loves me

and yes...the timing was perfect.

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Let's see, what made me fall in love with A.?


*He knew about my problems and loved me despite them.

*He always had care and concern in his heart for me.

*He was there to support me in any way that he could.

*He was sincere, honest, and open with me. He never chose to hide anything, even though he easily could have.

*They say that out of the mouth, the heart speaks. In the beginning the only way I knew him was through his words, and I know that he has a sincere heart, and a beautiful soul.

*He is funny, he always makes me laugh.

*He puts my own happiness about his own.

*He is willing to cross all boundaries for me.

*He is sooo strong and loving.

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Okay Commie geting deep here so watch out....


I Fell in love with my Rachel Really after we were together (5yr Aniversary tomorrow).. You see I had lost my Girlfriend of more then 4 years in a car crash not even a year earlier... and rachel kinda Forced her self on me (She's one of the really aggressive type like that) But even tho She was aggressive about "geting things started" She was ALWAYS there for me... through everything.. even when I still wasnt over my previous she never gave up on me, Even when i was drunk and depressed she never gave up on me. I guess I fell in love with her because for the first time Someone was entirely there.. no matter what, thru anything, and was just as happy to be on and by my side on the bad days as they were on the good ones.

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the moment it clicked into my head that i found the person who had the traits of what i would imagine as being my ideal partner.. as he was speaking to me about his viewpoints of the world, and then pausing to gaze into my eyes so passionately that his emotions and energy would run through me like lightning.. and then he'd smile, and i could read on his lips that in his mind he was thinking the same

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For me, I can remember the moment that I fell in love. Of course, I knew that I already loved the person... but there was that one moment when I fell into love, and I will never forget that moment. Sometimes it seems as though the moments come and go... and they become forever etched into my memory. I guess I am saying that its the little things that made me fall in love.

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You know love is very strange for me. It happens when I don't think about it, but when I think about it I can't find it. It reminds me of a basketball game. Your doing good and then you start to think about the score and then you just can't seem to make a shot.


So I can not recall all the little things that made me love with this one girl. It just happened and I can't lose those feelings no matter if they aren't returned. All I know is that one day I realized I adore her and I act way sweeter to her. Giving her more food because I don't want her to be hungry and listening to her about all her problems even when I am tired. Things like that.

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When I was in love it was because:


I enjoyed spending lots of time with her.

She had similar intrests as me.

I felt like I could tell her anything without being judged.

She had an awesome strong personality.

She knew how to skin a deer.

I could go on and on.


Of course most of this has changed now because of events that happened over a year ago.

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