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thought i was over her...bt im not

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hey.i broke up with my ex 7 wks ago during which ive surrounded myself with my friends so that i could move on and cheer up.thing is...i thought in my hearts of hearts that she was the one for me but i was dumped beacuse she found someone closer to her(since i was far away).i loved her like crazy and with al my heart and never wanted to lose her.


anyway...i thought that i was gettin over her and moving on with my life.i was having fun just hanging wit my friends.but last nite...i went to a fireworks show and i saw a couple togeher and they looked quite similar to me and my ex.today...i just cant help thinking about her again.ive cried quite heavily today.its al got to me again.


i have no idea wat to do now.ive tried loads of ways to get over her and they seemed to be working but this is a major setback.is there anything i can do?

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Hello...well, I do know that getting over truly loving someone takes time. How long is impossible to say because everyone an d every relationship is different. Just understand that time heals all wounds and that as days, weeks and months go bye, you'll just start to remember the good times and smile instead of cry. Take Care OK!?!

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