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Advice Would be greatly appreciated.


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Ok, so i chatted to this guy who went to the same highschool as me for the first time in a while, he came through my register at work, and we had a really good talk,

we talked about our mutual friends (which is how we first came into contact since school ended for both of us a year or so ago)

his work, where he's living etc. and he even threw in a bit about his holidays.

From when i knew him before (granted i didnt know him very well) he seemed kind of quiet, so i was a little shocked that he was talking so much haha.


Anyway, he mentioned that he had regular parties and that waas when i said to him that next time he can invite me and he smiled and said ok.

Of course im silly and forgot to exchange numbers with him so he could invie me, so im hoping he'll visit me again next week.


I am really interested in him, although i could just be over thinking things, but we really clicked.


So here's my advice request...


I've never been in a relationship before, well one that's lasted more than a week, an so im a little sketchy on how to initiate contact i guess...

when we exchange numbers, should i wait for him to call/sms me? or should i sms him first, and what do i say?

And when we do meet up, at a party or otherwise, what should i do to let him know im interested or should i wait until we're good friends...wel any advice is appreciated.


thanks in advance.

P.S SORRY for the loong post.

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Well, the traditional rule is that the guy calls first ... it keeps up the illusion of the "chase." Of course, if for ANY reason it would make more sense for YOU to call first (such as unpredictable limitations on the times that you can receive calls), then the "rule" is less important than the ability to get in contact. Also, he may assume that not exchanging numbers was a gentle rejection rather than an oversight. You may have to email/message him first to correct that assumption unless you just want to wait to bump into him again.


What do you say if he asks you out? "Yes" Other than that, just continue your conversation from before.


It doesn't seem like the two of you have problems communicating, and you are attracted, just be yourself. Your natural body language should do the trick. If he needs a little extra prompt, then during a conversation, touch him ... a quick hand on his arm while you are laughing about something; touch his shoulder when you want to get his attention. Nothing overt, certainly nothing sexual ... unless he's VERY shy, touching is a pretty clear communication of interest.


Good luck.



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