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what if a girl has her mind on another man?


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ok im not dating this girl but we have been talking and doing stuff for about a year, 3/4 of the time she didnt have a b/f but the farthest we have gone was fingering....her mom flipped on me for no reason for being in her bed but then after that she wanted to be just friends because she isnt over this kid she went out with like 6 months ago and she says she isnt ready for anything


what the hell can i do to win her over again and get her mind off of this kid?!?!?!? (by the way we are bolth 16 and he just turned 18 )

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You can't do much. You're also at a significant disadvantage for the next couple years because you're not 18. It's a tough age. I remember when my little brother was going through it and he became very frustrated that the girls he liked were interested in the slightly older guys. Things got good for him again when he reached about 20.

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Being in any relationship with someone who's thinking romantically about someone else *never* works. It just shows she's not ready to date and that means its a waste of effort to trail her. If its been 6 months over puppylove then she needs to mature some as well. Some romantics would say "wait for her forever" but the simple truth is at your age its just not plausible.


Like everyone else's opinions - move on to someone who will appreciate you the way you appreciate them. You'll be happier in the long run, I promise ya.


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i used two and i guess i wil try to move on but its not that she is thinking about him she just isnt ready for anything but w/e * * * * it if i try to finger her again she would probibly leave and not talk to me again so......... im effed


We where joking...please don't take it seriously

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