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Well this is it all, tomorrow i have to make the biggest decision of my life to date, do i tell the one that i love and care for more than anything that i can't see her again or do i let it last one more month having the time of our lives and sharing endless happy memories, my heart tells me why end something that is so good, whilst my head tells me that she doesn't want a relationship so why hang around, however i completely understand that a relationship would not work if i don't see her for 7 months... so it's a difficult decision to make, maybe our story below will shed a bit more light.....





After a 2 year relationship we have had a big talk and shared our feelings about the future,


we broke up 4 months ago , and have been seeing each other over the past couple of months, we both head off to separate university's next year and are going travelling soon. I am going travelling with my best mate on the 11th of Jan for 3 months and she is going travelling on Feb 3rd for 5 months, so we won't see each other for a very long time (6 months minimum).


I asked her today how she felt about getting back together and she said that she felt we weren't being fair on ourselves by getting back together as we are both going on such separate paths for the next year, i then told her that i don't know if i can see her as we are now anymore, as i'm not being fair on myself as i want to be with her and that is clearly not what she wants..., i told her that i'm not in the right frame of mind to tell her today.



So i am meeting her tomorrow, we have (well her mostly) decided that we are not going to get back together due to us going travelling, but the decision i need to make is whether i call it a day on tuesday and don't see her again and let us go our separate ways, or go on seeing her like we are at the moment,enjoying ourselves, up until i go in January, and make things great so we leave each other on a really good note with very fond memories and see what the future holds for us both, and if we are meant to be in the future then it will be.


'Spend as much time with her, count your blessings and worry about tomorrow tomorrow. We really only have today....'


What are your thoughts?,


Thanks in advance.

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From how you've written the post, it sounds like you want to keep seeing her until you leave. If she feels the same way, why is there a decision to make?


I think that as long as both of you go into it with clear expectations as to how things will be while you travel and when you get back, it's OK.


Is there anything you feel that you'd be missing out on if you stayed with her until then? Would it be holding you back from anything? Are you sure that you'll be emotionally OK with breaking up later on than now?

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I agree. You should spend as much time with her as you possibly can. You've found someone in life that you connect with in a very special way. Sure, it'll hurt when you go. But isn't it better to enjoy the company of someone like that as much as you can compared to later on looking back and wishing you had?

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