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Do you ever feel that your voice is lost?


I was laying here, reading People magazine. They have a story about the Surgeon who operated in Kanye West's mother before she died.


They list all of the lawsuits against him, and he refers to them as "nuisance suits". He messed up womens' bodies, and even raped a woman.


I mean, how is that not enough to blimish his reputation, prior to someone's death? And why are rapists so freakin cocky?!


I guess to him, it is just a nuisance to him. That is how he feels, because he feels very secure in believing no one can touch him.


What bothers me most, is that I don't think that ANY of this wouldn't have come to light, if the mother of a famous rap star hadn't died.


What about all of the other women who have been screwed up before hand? They weren't important enough?


He botched sugeries and sexually assaulted someone, and somehow that isn't enough to ruin his career, or damage his reputation? They have to wait until someone dies first?!


It's just sooo disgusting!


I mean, sometimes I feel that men are given WAY more credit than women you know?


I'm actually starting to wonder if this would have gotten as much attention if this was the mother of a famous woman.


Every now and then, maybe once ever few years, I realllllllllllly feel that women are treated as 2nd class human beings.


Rape is common right? It is often viewed as crime against women. A lot of times it is referred to as a "crime against women".


But what if more men were affected by this than women? What if more men spoken out about it? If this were considered to be a "crime against men" then I'm sure the punishment would be more harsh.


I'm just so frustrated. Oh, he raped someone, but who cares? We will sweep that under the rug and he'll still be the shining plastic surgeon we all love and admire.


What the hell?!


I don't blame certain women for not speaking out, because sometimes it seems as if "No one cares".


There is probably a better chance of someone going to jail over stealing my car radio. I mean, that is just how I feel.


Oh, and he has a product line for "women of color", how disgusting is that?!!!!


"I like screwing women over, and then telling them how to fix their faces. Obviously they need some assistance from me when it comes to proper skin care." (not a quote)


Oh my freakin gosh!!!! I mean really!!!!!




Don't get me wrong. I absolutely LOVE being a woman. But sometimes I feel like my voice is inadequate when it comes to a man.


It seems like it takes hellllllllllla women, to bring down one man. Yet, one man, can bring down another man.


I mean, after reading that part of the article, I couldn't even finish the rest. Something is just really wrong with this picture.

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