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Why is this so difficult?


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Ok, so there's this girl i really like. I'm unsure of what she thinks of me right now. Here's the short version:



We went to our school's homecoming dance together

We stayed in touch via email during the summer



I rarely see her on a day to day basis

Lack of progress (explained below)


Severe limitation: I can't drive right now, and won't be able to until June. It would be extremely awkward to have my parents drive us somewhere, and there isn't much within walking distance of our school, other than a Starbucks and a few similar joints.


Ok, so the week after homecoming was PSAT, and I decided to ask her out to Starbucks. To make a long story short, she was like "Sure, maybe, we'll see..." when I asked her a day or two before hand, then told me she couldn't go at the last minute, because her parents made her lunch or something.


Anyway, that nearly a month and a half ago, and since then I tried asking her to Starbucks again over the phone. She said she was kinda sick, maybe when she got better. A week later, she says something along the lines of "maybe with like a group of people".


So far as I can tell, she at least used to like me for most of last year, went to homecoming with me this year, then backed out after that.


So, what do I do now? Like I said, I can't drive, so my choices as to what to ask her out to are critically limited. Is there any hope?



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Well, after four rejections for a simple coffee date it sure seems like she isn't interested anymore. The last one especially, shows that she doesn't think of you as a potential boyfriend.


I'm assuming mid-high school ... age 15-16, right? It's not unusual for girls that age to be more interested in slightly older guys who can drive.


Don't beat yourself up over it ... these things happen. But I think you're wasting your time at this point.



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