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not sure what to do?


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My ex and I were together many different times over the past week. 4 different times. She came up for Thanksgiving day and evening, the day before and after fell asleep in my arms a few times after watching tv with me. This weekend (saturday) I took her to the WVU game great seats! She had a blast. She kept telling me. The whole time she kept ahold of my hand and arm like nothing had ever happened between us I took her back to her car she kissed me good night and I didnt hear from her all day yesterday. I think I need to go lc again. What do you all think? I kept things very upbeat didnt talk about past problems. I want her to think about things. She tells me she misses me and loves me. I just get very frustrated after that first day she doesnt contact me. Am I being impatient? Normally Im a very patient guy. As much as I want to email her I won't as much as I want to go see her I wont. I am trying to use my head and not my heart.

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Hi wastingaway

It sounds like you are where a lot of us would love to be. She's been with you 4 times in the past week, she says she loves you, she's willing to be with you, and she says she misses you. What we would give for that. I'm happy for you. I think what I would do is take it easy and don't feel for now that you have to discuss things. Just let life and love happen. Don't try to make it comform to what you think you need for right now. Think of it this way - you have planted a flower. It needs water. So you give it just the right amount. You wouldn't pour a full bucket right over top of it. It takes love and caring to make it grow. But the plant also needs to left alone to do it's thing. It sounds like you are on the right track. I wouldn't feel like I would have to do LC but try to take the pressure off. Can what you need to talk about wait til later? Maybe later it won't be as important.

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You're trying to use your head, not your heart... hehehe!


Do whatever do you feel is right. Why won't you want to be with her? Was the reason of the break-up bad like she cheated on you? If so then don't get together it would be a bad idea. Do you think there would be a second chance? Do you feel by giving the second chance the relationship would work? Ask yourself these questions.


For now, I suggest you don't do the LC, instead take things nice and slow. Don't do anything like sex or making out. Holding hands, kissing lighty and hugging seems friendly and fine.

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