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How do this happen?


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I know this one young gentleman. He's a college student. He's usually standoffish and not the most friendly person unless he really know you. Beside that he's a decent guy. He's 23 years old.


I am kinda worry about him because I talked to one of his friend. I found out that he's attract to girl who like to bites and scratches or even cuts him with razor until he bleed. His friend says he like girl who like to drink his blood or smear it all over herself.


This is really bothering me. I cannot even look at some of his light scars on his arms or neck without feeling bad for him. Also it make me sick to stomach every time I see him with a goth or punk girls.


His friend say he tend to go after those type of girls and often he look for girl with collar on her neck or something similar.


How could he even be into this? What could affect him to enjoy it so much to point where he seeks it out?

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Being a "goth girl" I can say that I am into a few of those things myself, biting, scratching etc. He has a fetish for blood it seems, and while this may not be constrewed as "normal" in society, you will find that a large number of people have this type of fetish, especially biting and scratching. Cutting with a razor is a bit less common but still I know quite a few people who are into it.


Basically, it is what turns him on. People have all different kinds of turn ons and that one must be his. Just makes him a bit different from other people really. Pain is something that can turn people on. I can come out of my bedroom the next morning with bruises and scratches and easily say that it was a damned good night!


I think it's something that can be hard to understand if you aren't into it, but it's safe to say this guy isn't messed up. In my opinion.

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