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Tell her to cut the rebounds off?

i miss her 2

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My gf of 2 years broke up with me in august and started going out with another guy. I did have some issues..one being jealousy.


We were in LC and then she dumped that guy and we had an "open relationship" which I secretly was not ok with. She was seeing some other guy.


Well, eventually she told me she wanted to be with me exclusively. She even told me that she didn't know what she was thinking before and that she had told rebound guy # 2 that she wanted to be with me exclusively.


Well, the thing is rebound # 2 still writes on her facebook wall constantly. I know that she even told him happy thanksgiving because he replied and said something like, "I certainly will m'lady..I've already eaten plenty!" I think she is just being nice to him but still. I guess I should add that our relationship is almost better than it ever has been except for the fact that we broke up for a while and I still think about it sometimes.


Should I just tell her to cut off all contact with these guys or will that make me seem jealous again? I just don't think it's a good idea for her to talk to them. I know this guy is obsessive and manipulative and she can't even see that. I'm torn on what to do. I want this guy to leave her alone. I know he thinks he's gonna get her back well I was with her for 2 years and he was with her for 2 weeks. It even says she is in a relationship with me. What does this guy think he is doing? I'm buzzed... btw haha.

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So you're in a relationship with her again. You've been in a relationship with her for 2 years. You have an exclusive relationship with her, which was her wish as well as yours. This other guy was with her for just two weeks. He knows she is in an exclusive relationship with you. The obvious question is: why are you feeling threatened?


You clearly do not feel comfortable with her having contact with this guy. Is it your jealousy? Well yes, basically, and it'll look like it too if you ask her to cut him off. If she'd cheated on you, I'd understand it; if she was doing inappropriate things with this guy still, I'd understand it; if this guy had a long serious relationship with her and a stated intention to restore it, I'd understand it. But none of these things are true.


You made the jealous mistake once. You have a second chance now. Don't mess it up again.

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Ok, well this guy has been on her myspace for like a year. I guess they talked as friends for a while. I know that even before we broke up he was always trying to get a date with her..and she would comment back talking about me. However, before we got back exclusively she did tell me she had a good time with him. I guess that's what worries me in a way. I can see he is obsessed with her! I've seen his myspace and it would appear that he spends every waking moment thinking about her and how he wants to get back with her lol. Just look at his blogs and you'll see.

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