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What is good bone structure?


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Um this question seems a little ... silly, Why dont you ask them next time they tell you? It means the bones in your face (cheekbones and jaw line are well defined and prominent) a lot of models cheekbones that stick out and make their cheeks look hallow (think fish face only less of a caricature)


audrey hepburn, jude law, natalie portman, keiran knightley, sarah jessica parker (see photo above) all have well defined prominent cheekbones and in the case of guys a well defined chin..

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I agree - I love a strong, chiseled jawline on a man. But what I don't understand is, why? What about a jawline is so masculine? That he can chew well? lol


i think goes back to roman times. a strong jawline display a type of power. just like most of the ancient sculptures. it is portrayed with models. society pumps it up. there are certain features about a woman that drive me nuts too.

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