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Its her b-day what to do help?


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ok heres my problem.. the girl i like b day is coming up very shortly.. i got her the present and everything all i need now is to give it to her in a surprised way..any suggestions?


Well my two best buddies suggested me to do this. Well one of them who previously like the girl i like ask me to ask her to exchange locker combos but i didn't think it was such a good idea cuz its too personal...one of the reasons he suggested me was they exchange combos before so he suggested me to give it try....


My other buddy suggested to get her friend to help me organize something as a surprise... well theres one girl i had in mind that knows me in a way through the girl i like but i don't really know her....shes a very popular girl in school though a grade lower than me so i dunno if she will help me....asking is also a big problem lol....worst is i have one day to find her and organize something cuz her b-day is tues


i kidna gave the girl i like some hints but i kept her in suspense the whole time it was kinda funny


If any of u have suggestions of any kind that would be great! thx again

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Coming from a girl........I deff think walking into her class with flowers is a great idea. I think just about every high school girl dreams of gettin flowers in front of a lot of people...like a classroom. The singin happy birthday to her is also a good idea, but it could be embarrassing for her. Whatever you do, make it personal. I dont agree with the singing happy birthday with a group of people though, because it shows it was ONLY you who came up wth al of this. Keep it PERSONAL.


good luck

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